Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Ted Kennedy and Universal Health Care: Do As I Order Not As I Do

Capitalism Magazine has this excellent article on Ted Kennedy's surgery on his brain tumor and how he decided on which doctor would perform the surgery. This quote captures the essence of the situation.

[N]ever mind that Kennedy chose not to go to one of the many "industrialized countries that provide 'Universal Healthcare'." Apparently, Kennedy ignored Michael Moore's claims of the excellent healthcare provided in other “industrialized” communist and socialist nations that provide "Universal Coverage", albeit this is precisely what Kennedy seeks to bring to America at the point of a gun.

While the successful outcome of Senator Kennedy's operation depended on freedom, Kennedy has devoted his political career to legislating freedom out of existence. This is an irony that America's news media will evade, much less report.
This reminds me back when I first moved to Boston in the mid 1970s people were in an uproar over the forced busing of their kids to different schools to ensure racial intermingling. I recall hearing about someone who was fairly well to do who was a vocal advocate of busing but sent her child to private school to avoid the busing issue. When confronted with her double standard her reply, without blinking, was: "I'm not a slave to my principles." Yet she expects others to be enslaved by her beliefs. It appears Ted Kennedy follows the same MO. Nice, huh?

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